Thursday, March 10, 2011

Banksy tank for sale

Banksy's art pieces are being sold off almost as soon as they are found.  The first I heard of this was in Los Angeles,  'ole Binky was tagging up the streets in an attempt to win himself an Oscar for his mockumentory "Exit Through The Gift Shop".  Well when he hit the side of building in Santa Monica someone quickly cut the piece of wall off the building and sold the thing on eBay for $8,000.00

Now it seems someone is at it again, the “A Bit Like An Elephant” Tank is for sale.  Banksy recently painted on an old water tank as part of Banksy’s pre-Oscars campaign in LA, is for sale. is attempting to sell the tank. While the site claims that the owners “personally acquired ownership to preserve and protect the work of Banksy in hopes that it will end up exhibited in a respected museum where his work will live on without harm,” I think it’s safe to say that money was a bit of a motivator too. Of course, the Elephant will never get certification from Banksy's own Pest Control and without that, the value of a work drops dramatically.


  1. My knowledge of art has failed me...

  2. wow, 8k? I guess some people sure are passionate/have too much money to blow!

  3. aww man people need to leave art be /: oh well i guess someones making money.. not that thats a good thing...


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