Saturday, October 2, 2010

Limited Edition Wearable Art

Live Screen Printing is a perfect way to offer the "blink and you'll miss it" exclusivity that VIPs and taste-makers crave.  During the printing process, party guests get to select a shirt style, the print designs, mixing and matching multiple designs, and then watch as their creation comes to life. While the process for each shirt only takes a matter of minutes, no two shirts are ever the
same. Live Screen Printing creates an immediate buzz and becomes the center of attraction for any event. Party guests have been known to wait for over an  hour in line for their chance at a custom T-shirt.

With a Rolodex of the best cutting edge graphic designers and artists to choose from, the ink+cotton team collaborates to create up to 8 custom designs and logos before your event.  We curate and acquire limited edition art from over 25 local artists, photographers, illustrators and underground trouble makers.  These designs become the base for the wearable art and can be mixed, mashed and matched up by party guests in an endless number of combinations to create their custom T-shirt.

Live Screen Printing is the perfect experiential marketing promotion, take your event or party to the next level by creating both an immediate branding message and a tangible memory via custom printed apparel.

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